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Google Enjoy may be a mobile request platform produced and operated by Yahoo. The aim of Google Play is to provide an software for mobile devices to access articles through a web browser such as Google-chrome, and operate functions such as browsing and searching. The name "Google Play" was derived from the "Google Android" project, headed by the two founders, Lewis Page and Android developer Ice Cream Hoagie founder Richard Schmidt. Considering the acquisition of Knoll mobile seo company, Google will proceed to integrate the system with its business models, namely Android and Gmail. To signify the deal, Yahoo has uncovered several new features in the Enjoy store which include international foreign exchange and searching functionality.

As part of the deal, Google will allow every android equipment to characteristic the Google Play Store, free of charge. This can be a major step towards broadening the reach of the google marketplace to a larger audience across different devices and demographics, and is a significant move forward for future years of the Google marketplace and Yahoo itself. The deal will also look at other thirdparty apps which can be compatible with the Google Play Retail outlet being offered on the free download basis to all users. Google's intention is to make the Yahoo Play Retailer available on numerous devices, that may in turn, strengthen the ongoing income and user base of the google android ecosystem further.

Google's acquisition of Knoll is even more evidence that internet massive intends to remain expanding their influence over the mobile equipment user encounter. With Knoll's acquisition, Yahoo will be able to influence Knoll's technical expertise and content supervision abilities to push the limits of mobile programs. By joining up with Knoll, Google can gain access to some other powerful learning resource to leverage in its effort to extend it is presence and increase their clout on the internet. The acquisition of Knoll will help Google bare cement its position as one of the leading app builders on the iOS and android os platforms.